Feeling hungry? Cheerful? Mellow? Take a look around. You just might be experiencing the effects of paint color. Colors can be powerful, making some rooms seem more spacious or cozy, depending upon which hues you choose, according to Psychology Today.

While the scientific relationship between color and mood isn’t entirely conclusive, conventional wisdom and numerous studies suggest some colors are closely associated with certain feelings. If you’re planning to repaint, take a look at the following factors before choosing a color.

WARM COLORS – Red, orange and yellow tend to have an energizing effect and may even stimulate appetite, which is why many commercial restaurants choose these colors for dining rooms. But rich tones like fire engine red can be overwhelming. If you’re thinking about using a bright red, orange or yellow hue, consider confining it to one accent wall.

Accents in a room can also change the way you perceive a color. A deep red may look somber next to dark wood trim, but against white trim, the same color may look crisp and lively.

COOL COLORS – With cool colors like blue, green and violet, saturation has a big impact on the overall feel. For example, a saturated deep royal blue may make people feel energetic, whereas a pale grayish-blue may have a calming effect.

Green is a diverse color, and some shades that are on the yellow side can create a refreshing feeling, especially when combined with design elements like natural wood, white accents and chrome fixtures. But if you’re considering a yellowish green color, you might want to stick a few paint sample chips to your walls to see how they look at different times of day, because some shades can look garish in certain lighting conditions.

NEUTRALS – Neutral colors are associated with an enhanced ability to concentrate, so they’re a good choice for offices, especially those with fluorescent light where plain white walls may look harsh or sterile. Even an off-white wall color can soften the effect of industrial lighting.

Color preferences can vary considerably from person to person. That’s why realtors often advise homeowners to repaint interiors in neutral colors before putting their home on the market. Then, prospective buyers can envision how those walls would look repainted in a soothing blue, fiery red, buttery yellow or whatever color they can imagine.

Explore with color to determine which ones best suit your mood for different spaces. Don’t be afraid to go bold or to try an unexpected color. You may absolutely love it. If you don’t, you can always change it with an extra coat of paint.