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There are many ways to prep and paint cabinets to make them look beautiful.  Here at Elite Pro Painting, we offer multiple price levels for re-finishing cabinets.  We can do economical cabinet painting processes, as well as custom cabinet painting processes.  While the trend is currently to paint cabinets white, there are also many other cabinet paint choices that work well.  We have done grey, blue, tan, many shades of white for painting cabinets.

Cabinet Painting Indianapolis

There are many factors involved that determine the quality and the duration of cabinet painting.  The better cabinet painting prep work that is performed, the longer the finish of the cabinets will last.  Just a few of the factors that determine the quality of the cabinet painting job include:

Removing the Gloss From the Cabinets

Sanding the cabinets before painting them.  It is important to remove the current "gloss" from the cabinets.  There are two ways to remove the gloss from current cabinets before painting them.  First, you can sand the finish off of the cabinets.  This creates a great surface for primer to stick properly to the cabinets which results in a long -lasting job.  The other way to remove the "shine" from cabinets before painting them is to use a chemical de-glosser.  The de-glosser removes the shine from cabinets to allow primer and paint to stick to the cabinets properly.

The Type of Primer is Important for Cabinet Painting

The type of primer that you use plays a part in how smooth the finish of the paint will be, and it also is important in how well the paint will stick to the cabinets.  Using a premium primer for cabinet painting is very important.  We have a couple of different primers that we recommend for cabinet painting.  Using great cabinet painting products from Sherwin Williams and from PPG make all of the difference.

How You Apply Cabinet Paint Makes All Of The Difference

The process of how you apply the finish coat of paint to the cabinets is very important.  We have inexpensive cabinet painting systems that use rollers and brushes, and we have premium cabinet painting systems that involve spraying the cabinets.  Spraying the cabinets produces the best finish.  There are spraying tricks and processes that can make the cabinets look like they are factory finish.  These processes cost more to perform, but the end result of the cabinet painting is well worth it.

Changing Hardware After Cabinet Painting Is The Cherry On Top

Finally, we can replace hardware on your cabinets after they have been painted.  This gives your cabinet painting job the finishing touches needed to really transform your kitchen.  Having handles on your cabinets also help in keeping the finish fresh, and it helps with the duration of the job.