How to Choose Your Paint Colors

Tips for Selecting Paint

How to Choose Your Paint Colors

Helpful Insight from Experienced Indianapolis Painters

Selecting the right color for your painting project could make or break the whole thing. That’s why our team here at Elite Pro Painting has some helpful advice on how to choose the right paint color for your Indianapolis painting project. With more than 25 years of combined experience and over 4,500 projects successfully completed, we have the knowledge and resources to provide you with valuation information.

Our Tips for Selecting Paint

We would like to provide with information about:

  • Choose a Paint Color – Start by studying the darkest colors or shades on any paint strip to match
  • Your furnishings. Once you have a winner, choose a tint toward the middle to top (lighter) of the strip for the wall color.
  • Small Rooms – Light colors (airy) and cold colors (which seem ‘distant’) tend to expand spaces. When you choose your paint colors, the more color contrast you use in a room, the smaller it looks. Consider painting the woodwork (base, trim, etc.) the same color as the walls.
  • Large Rooms – Darker walls make the room appear smaller as these warm colors seem to advance or ‘move in toward’ you. When you choose your paint colors, darker colors; however, do make a room seem more intimate. To make a square room seem less ‘boxlike’, paint one wall in a deeper tone that the other three walls.
  • Hallways  To lengthen a hallway, paint walls a deep tone and paint the ceiling a lighter tone.
  • Ceilings – Painting ceilings will actually make the room look larger by pushing the walls out. Consider painting a ceiling the same color as the walls (if a light color) to negate their boundaries. Low ceilings painted in pale shades seem higher. High ceilings painted two or three shades darker than the walls will seem lower and thus will effectively warm the room.
  • Light Conditions -Warm colors will cheer up rooms with northern light. Cool colors mellow out rooms with strong southern light. Bright colors appear more vivid in strong light. Neutral colors work well in rooms with east and west light. Consider using bright, uplifting colors for halls, stairs, and connecting areas that people simply pass through. Consider using deep colors in dim rooms. People often use white paint, but deep colors can turn a lack of light into a color asset.

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