Look for old paint cans in the basement, storage or garage. Look for a color name or code or formula on the paint can. If not take the can to the nearest Sherwin Williams store and have them match it for you.

  • You can contact your HOA to see if they have them on file.
  • You can contact the builders to see if they have them on file.
  • Take a paint chip off the siding, trim, accent take to the Sherwin Williams paint store and they can match it for you. Taking a paint chip off of the home will match the existing color.

Sherwin Williams and SW store can match other brands of paint to their brand. If they do not have a specific color name to match exactly they will do a custom match which will have a formula instead of a color code.

Keep in mind that your existing paint color may have slightly faded due to time, the sun, and the harsh elements that comes along with the Indiana climate. The color was probably darker than what is currently on your home.