Many companies advertise two coats of paint, but how can you be sure if you received that or not? When you return from work, the contractor tells you he already did two coats…Did he? Some companies put on one coat of paint, then back-roll it and call that two coats. This is wrong. Elite Pro Painting’s process ensures two coats like this: First, we check the surfaces we are painting for any peeling or flagging paint from the existing coat. Then, we scrape and prime those areas to make sure the new paint adheres properly. Once the primer has dried, we will go ahead and apply the first coat of paint. After we spray and back-roll the first coat of paint, we will go back and apply a second coat (the top coat) to your home. This will protect your paint from failing. We work on one side of your home at a time, and we do this for every project, no exceptions. By priming, spraying, back-rolling and applying two coats of paint, you are guaranteed to receive what you paid for.