How to Paint Exterior Lintels the Right Way to Improve the Look of Your Home

When it comes to making your home look better from the street, every detail matters. The lintels are an important but often-overlooked part. Lintels are found above windows and garage doors. They not only add structural support, but they also make a big difference in how your home’s exterior looks as a whole. Elite Pro Painting is the best choice in the charming city of Indianapolis if you want to give your lintels a new, bright look. In this blog, we’ll show you how to paint the lintels on the outside of your home and explain why it’s important to do it right.

How come lintels matter?

Before you start painting, you need to know what lintels are and why they are important. Lintels are horizontal support bars that go over windows, garage doors, and other openings. Even though they are important for keeping your home’s structure in good shape, they can also be used to add style and color to the outside.  Lintels are made out of metal, and many times they are rusty.  While lintels are kind of hidden, they still can look bad if they are not addressed during the painting process.

Your Best Bet Is Elite Pro Painting.

In Indianapolis, Elite Pro Painting is the name that stands out when it comes to painting exterior lintels. Their knowledge, skill, and attention to detail make them the best choice for changing the outside of your home. From windows to garage doors, they know what each lintel needs, so they can give it a perfect finish that not only looks good but also protects against the weather.

How to Paint the Outside of Lintels.

The key is to get ready:
Preparation is the key to any successful painting job. The first thing that Elite Pro Painting does is clean the lintels to get rid of dirt, dust, and other waste. This makes sure that the paint sticks well and gives a finish that lasts.

Priming: To get a skilled finish, you must prime correctly. A high-quality primer is put on the lintels to give the paint a strong base and make it stick better.  The prime phase of painting lintels can be tricky.  Many times lintels are rusty.  It is almost impossible to keep the rust from coming back through the primer and the top coats.

“It is almost impossible to keep the rust from coming back through the primer and the top coats from rusty lintels.”

Color Choice: Choosing the right color is an exciting part of the process. Elite Pro Painting gives you a wide range of color choices to match the style of your home and your own tastes.

Use a Professional Painter for Painting Lintels

Professional Painting: The skilled painters at Elite Pro Painting use the right methods to carefully apply the chosen paint. This makes sure that the coat is even, the color is bright, and the finish is perfect.  Using high quality exterior paint like Super Paint or Emerald from Sherwin Williams will slow down the rusting process.

Protection and Cleanup: While painting, care is taken to keep paint splatters from getting on other things. After the job is done, the team makes sure to clean up well, leaving your home looking clean and refreshed.

It might seem like a small thing, but painting the lintels on the outside of your home can make a big difference in how it looks as a whole. Elite Pro Painting is the best choice for turning your lintels into beautiful focus points in the beautiful city of Indianapolis. They make sure that your exterior lintels get the care and attention they deserve with their attention to detail, knowledge, and commitment to quality. So, whether you’re updating your windows or giving your garage doors a new look, trust Elite Pro Painting to paint your lintels the right way and bring your home’s street appeal to a whole new level.

FAQ About Painting Lintels

What are lintels, and why do you need to paint them?

Lintels are horizontal bars that go over openings like windows and doors to provide support. They make sure that the building is strong. Painting lintels makes them look better, protects them from the weather, and improves the look of the outside of your home as a whole.

Should I hire a professional to paint my lintels or can I do it myself?

You can paint lintels on your own, but for the best results, you should hire an expert painter. Professionals have the knowledge, tools, and skills to make sure the finish is even, sticks well, and lasts a long time.

How do you go about painting lintels?

The process usually includes cleaning the lintels, fixing any damage, applying primer, choosing the right paint color, and then painting using specific methods. For a good result, you need to plan well and pay attention to the details.

How often should you paint your lintels?

How often lintels need to be repainted relies on things like the quality of the last paint job, how exposed they are to weather, and the type of paint used. In general, you may need to paint lintels every 3 to 5 years because normally the rust will eat through the primer an topcoats.

Can I paint lintels with any kind of paint?

It’s best to use exterior-grade paint on lintels. Exterior paints are made to survive the weather, not fade, and protect against moisture and UV rays better than interior paints.  We use Super Paint by Sherwin Williams or Emerald by Sherwin Williams for the top coats.

What color choices are there for painting a lintel?

There are a lot of different colors to choose from. You can choose from many different colors to match the colors already in your home or to make a new visual statement.

Do I have to clean lintels before painting them?

Yes, preparing the floor is very important. It means giving the lintels a full cleaning to get rid of dirt and grime. Cracks and other flaws should be fixed, and a base should be used to make sure the paint sticks well.

Will painting my lintels make my house use less energy?

Painting your lintels can make your home look better, but it may not make a difference in how energy efficient it is. But painting can protect lintels from damage.  Damage caused by wetness and weather, which indirectly helps the structural parts of your home last longer.

How do professionals make sure that painting lintels is neat and clean?

Professional painters use drop cloths and blocking to keep paint from getting on other parts of the room. They also clean up well when the job is done, leaving your home looking clean and refreshed.

How do I find the right service to paint my lintels?

When picking a painting service, think about their experience, reputation, customer reviews, and portfolio. For example, Elite Pro Painting is known for how well they paint outdoor lintels and how well they do it.

Remember that painting your lintels isn’t just about how they look. It’s also about keeping your home’s structure in good shape. Investing in professional lintel painting is a step toward a more attractive and well-kept exterior. This is true whether you want to update the look of your windows or make your garage doors more attractive.