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Cedar Wood Staining in Indianapolis

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Staining cedar protects and preserves wood while also enhancing its natural beauty. Stains can do a great job of keeping excess moisture from seeping into your wood and provide protection against changes in weather, insects, and other conditions. In different seasons, cedar will expand and contract. Since the weather in Indiana is extreme, it’s extremely important to make sure your cedar stain is the right one. Our team at Elite Pro Painting can provide you with help that gets you the best possible stain for your cedar.

Using the Right Cedar Stain

Stains can differ from paints for cedar because:

  • Cedar wood staining to be done properly, the stain needs to be soaked up by the wood
  • Oil stains are able to penetrate the wood and provide outstanding protection
  • Latex stains cover the wood, look nice but don’t offer much protection

Staining Cedar Wood

There are two types of wood stains fitting to be used on cedar: solid and semi-transparent. Solid stains may use a primer, but only if there is currently a latex solid stain already applied. If there is currently an oil solid stain, then the same would be used over the top of the wood. Semi-transparent stains are stains that allow the natural beauty of the wood, keeping the grain very visible. Unlike solid stains, which cover more like a paint, oil stains enhance the grain lines and create contrast within the wood itself.

The Final Look

Wood stains range from clear coats which showcase cedar’s natural color, to the darker stains. We offer a wide array of options so we can best match your exterior color scheme. The final color of your siding will depend on the wood’s natural color prior to staining, as well as the stain itself. For instance, with the same stain on a red cedar wood will naturally end up a much deeper hue than on white cedar.

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