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Painting Aluminum Siding Can Add to Your Indianapolis Home’s Value

If you want to improve your home’s curb appeal in a major way, exterior painting can make a big difference. Over the years, a home’s exterior can become weathered and aged due to exposure to the elements. This gives a home a dated appearance, especially when compared to newer homes with fresher exteriors.

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For homeowners who live in homes with aluminum siding, the first instinct can be to replace the siding. But full replacement can be extremely expensive. Instead, homeowners have found that painting aluminum siding can make a big difference without the high cost. Our aluminum siding painters can change the exterior cover of your home and give it a like-new look, while still staying within your budget.

Why It’s Done

Most houses with aluminum siding are older with paint that has:

  • Faded
  • Chipped
  • A combination of both

Painting aluminum siding enables you to refresh your home’s curb appeal without replacing the siding. Whether you want to stay there or are planning to sell, this refresh can make an old home look much newer, improving its appearance.

How It Works

Aluminum siding painting contractors like to use a multi-step process when painting aluminum siding. We first provide an estimate to give you an idea of the painting aluminum siding cost. We then thoroughly clean the siding to remove all dust and debris. Before painting aluminum siding, we will first metal primer to ensure your coat of paint will last.

Once the surface is primed and ready to go, we apply two layers of paint that will endure through many different weather conditions. The end result will be a home with an exterior that looks brand new.

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