Join Us On Our Mission!

Why do we paint?

Our mission is to end child hunger locally. We feel that in our current economic climate, it is inexcusable that there are children that miss meals and are subject to food crisis. We paint homes and businesses so that we can further our mission to end local hunger. What we do is end child hunger. How we do it is through painting homes and businesses REALLY well.

How do you fight child hunger locally?

We have created a non-profit company called Gift Kindness. Through Gift Kindness, we have created a couple of programs.

The first program is a snack box program. With the snack box program, we buy, pack, and deliver boxes of snacks to local schools. We have partnered with local schools. These schools have identified students that do not have any food over the weekends. The school takes these boxes and puts them into the students backpacks anonymously. These boxes provide food for these kids over the weekend until they can get back to their school meals on Monday.

The second program is our weekly food delivery initiative. We have been executing this program since Covid19 started. This program started as a way to help the elderly and those that were compromised by health issues and could not go to the grocery store. We were trying to help people that could not make it to a supermarket to get food. It has now evolved into a weekly program that we, as a company, delivery food to local residents every Friday. We purchase, pack, and deliver an average of 47 meals for every paint project that we complete. Most of the people that we help have kids, and have no transportation to make it to local food banks.

While it is not helping to end child hunger, we also hand out thousands of popsicles each year. Our goal is normally to hand out 100,000 free popsicles per year, resulting in 100,000 smiles!

“47” is WHY we paint!

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